ORHS Class of 1964 55th Reunion Community Project Raised $6,300!! Our Community Service Project donations will go to the new Oak Ridge Preschool for playground equipment and maintenance. The new preschool facility is under construction in the Scarboro community.  To see the Pictures,Click here

We had a GREAT 55th Reunion, to see the Pictures, Click here

ORHS Class of 1964 Statistics:

 As the first wave of the Baby Boomer Generation students at ORHS,

 the Class of 1964 was the largest number of students to graduate from ORHS up to that time!

Number of Students:  487
Deceased classmates:  150 SADLY that is 31%  

            For a complete list of deceased classmates and obituaries, click here: 
Missing Classmates:  112                           

            For a complete list of missing classmates, click here:  

ORHS 50th Reunion Class Project:

ORHS Class of '64 gave $8,190 to Emory Valley Center, for complete details, click here:

ORHS 50th Reunion Statistics:

Golf:  14
Friday Reception at Museum:  162
Saturday ORHS Tour:  89
Saturday Banquet201
Sunday Brunch:   94

Number of Visitors to our ORHS Website:


The park includes Oak Ridge, Los Alamos and Hanford. Exactly what will be displayed to the public at the three sites is still being worked, but Oak Ridge is a major part of the park, for complete details, click here:

We had a great time at our Class Dinner on Thursday, July 27, 2023 at Carrabba's Italian Grill,  Knoxville. To see the Pictures, Click here

1946 Information

 1946 Prices:                                                                  US President :  Harry S. Truman                                                  

     Bread:  $0.10/loaf             Milk:  $0.70/gal                                Vice President :  There was No Vice President                                                    Eggs:  $0.65/doz                Car:  $1,400                                                                                                                 

     Gas:  $0.21/gal                   House:  $12,638                                 

    Stamp:  $0.03/ea                Avg Income:  $3,118/yr

    Min Wage:  $0.40/hr          DOW Avg:    177

Top Songs: 
For Sentimental Reasons by Nat King Cole                              Oh! What It Seemed to Be by Frankie Carle (also Frank Sinatra)
    The Old Lamplighter by Sammy Kaye                                          Five Minutes More by Frank Sinatra
    Rumors Are Flying by Frankie Carle                                          The Gypsy by Ink Spots (also Dinah Shore)
    Prisoner of Love by Perry Como                                                To Each His Own by Eddy Howard (also Freddy Martin and The Ink Spots)    
    Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! by Vaughn Monroe       Old Buttermilk Sky by Kay Kyser

Academy Award Winners:

    Best Picture: The Best Years Of Our Lives   Directed By William Wyler

    Best Actor:  Fredric March   in The Best Years Of Our Lives

    Best Actress:  Olivia De Havilland   in To Each His Own

60th Reunion in 2024 - Friday June 21, Saturday, June 22, and Sunday, June 23. A registration form will be emailed to you in April with all the details. 


We had a GREAT Christmas Lunch today, December 8th at 12:30 p.m. at Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Knoxville.  To see the Pictures, Click here